The Accademia Olimpica became headquarters of the “National Edition of the Works of Antonio Fogazzaro” thanks to a series of events and initiatives that consolidated its central role in the publishing project. In particular:


1992 International Conference
On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Fogazzaro’s birth, the Accademia Olimpica promoted an international conference in Vicenza entitled “Antonio Fogazzaro. The Works, the Times.” This conference produced a new critical perspective on Fogazzaro’s works, abandoning the reductive image of provincialism and sketchiness previously associated with his work. The proceedings of the conference were published in 1994, edited by F. Bandini and F. Finotti.


Formation of the Scientific Committee
Following the conference, a scientific committee was formed to promote publishing initiatives, particularly the publication of Fogazzaro’s correspondence. This committee developed homogenous criteria for the reorganization of the papers and started the “Collana Fogazzaro” within the “Quaderni dell’Accademia Olimpica” thanks to the contribution of the CNR (National Council for Research).


Launch of the National Edition
In the late 1990s, the project for the National Edition of Fogazzaro’s works was initiated. A study day dedicated to “Antonio Fogazzaro among history, philology and critique” discussed the general criteria for this edition. Subsequently, the Ministry established the National Edition of the Works of Antonio Fogazzaro, based at the Academy, and appointed its Scientific Committee.


With its cultural prestige and resources, the Olympic Academy provided an ideal environment to support the National Edition project. The available resources made it possible to produce a critical-historical edition of Fogazzaro’s works, including a critical apparatus to the text, philological notes and additional documents.


The Academy continued to support the critical edition of Fogazzaro’s novels, publishing several volumes, such as “Piccolo mondo moderno” (2011), “Piccolo mondo antico” (2014) and “Il mistero del Poeta” (2017). These editions were enriched by unreleased materials and letters published in the series “Quaderni Fogazzaro”..






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